Our Vehicles

PlanetTran's all Toyota, all-hybrid fleet includes:

Prius Hybrid


The Prius can seat four people in addition to the driver, which is comfortable for shorter trips. Typically, three adults with bags for a week is a very efficient arrangement. The Prius can carry skis, golf clubs, etc. by folding down one half of the back seat, but this reduces the person capacity to two.

Prius V Hybrid

Prius V

The Prius V is the newest addition to our fleet. Relative to the standard Prius, the Prius V is an inch wider, 6 inches longer and 3 inches taller. Its wheelbase is 3 inches greater, and there's 60% more cargo room in the back. The V (stands for "Versatility") is a great solution for the family of four going to the airport with two car seats and luggage for a week.

Highlander Hybrid


The Highlander is our largest vehicle, and seats four people comfortably in addition to the driver. The Highlander is great for longer trips, or if you have a lot of luggage. It does require a step up, so may not be ideal for those with limited mobility.